Goliath Birdeater: Biggest Spider in the World

According to Guinness world records the world’s biggest realized Spider is a male goliath bird-eating spider by mass and weight. It belongs to the tarantula family Theraphosidae.
Founded by members of the Pablo San Martin Expedition at Rio Cavro, Venezuela in April 1965.
Goliath was a giant in the bible, and goliath bird-eating spider is a giant among spiders.

Goliath birdeater -  Biggest spider in the world

Goliath birdeater tarantula size

Its legs can reach up to one foot (30 centimeters) and it can weight up to 6 oz. (170 grams).

Goliath birdeater diet

The Goliath birdeater rarely preys on birds, they mainly eat earthworms, rats, mice lizards and cricket. They will take almost anything that unlucky enough to wander past their burrow.

Where It Lives

In burrows in the rainforests and swamps of northern South America. The Goliath bird-eating spider is mostly active at night.

Life Span

Unlike other species of spider, females do not eat the males during mating. Female spiders have a normal life expectancy of 15 to 25 years. Males have a lifespan of 3-6 years.The female lays 100 to 200 eggs, which hatch into spiderlings within 6-8 weeks.

Goliath birdeater spider

Form of defense

Kicking its legs against their abdomen and sending hairs up into the air, those get into your eyes, nose or skin, it can be very irritating and itchy. This is the primiary method of getting rid of an attacker. It got fangs that are about as long as cheetahs claws. Male spiders used to produce sounds for defense and sexual communication. The largest spiders produce sounds loud enough for people to hear.


Like all tarantulas, Goliath Birdeater spiders have fangs large enough to break the skin of a human. They carry venom in their fangs and have been known to bite when threatened. But this venom is relatively harmless and its effects are comparable to those of a wasp’s sting. It bites humans only in self-defense.

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