Biggest Pizza in the World

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Biggest Pizza in the World
Biggest Pizza in the World

Pizza!! One of the best gifts that humanity has given us. It has made history not only because of its flavor but its size too. The biggest Pizza was made in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa in 1990. The pizza was 121 feet (37 meters) in diameter. 9920 Pounds (4500 Kilos) of flours and 1984 Pounds (900 Kilos) of tomatoes and 3960 Pounds (1796 Kilos) of cheese were used to make this giant pizza weighing 26,883 lbs (12194 Kilos).

But wait! This pizza no longer holds the record of the biggest pizza in the world as it is defeated in the year 2012. Honoring the place of its birth the biggest pizza is been made in Rome Italy. This pizza completely destroyed the competition with a diameter of more than 131 feet. This Italian giant also covered an area of 13,580.28 square feet.

The creators called it Ottavia, representing an ancient Roman Emperor. Ottavia was 100% gluten-free. The Ottavia has a total surface area of 1,261.65 m² (13,580.28 ft²). The preparation took about 30 long hours of no sleep, which is not an easy task. The pizza was distributed to the public and the rest was given to charity. Ottavia is still registered as the largest pizza ever made.

Adding to the story, there is also a record out of the ordinary across the ocean in the United States. They also showed love towards the dish by creating the longest pizza. Yes, this did not have a typical circular shape. Its 6333 feet and 3.6 inches long (1930.39 meters), which is longer than 17 football fields. However, it holds the record for the longest, not the biggest.

The Pizza is created using 17,700 pounds of dough and 3,900 pounds of mozzarella. It took about 54 hours by a team of more than 100 people for the creation.

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